IMPORTANT QUESTION: Where’s the best brunch in the Coachella Valley?

Note: Last week we asked an important question about margaritas in the Greater Palm Springs area and you guys gave some great recommendations. So we thought, hey, why not make this some sort of regular feature here on Cactus Hugs. Here goes…

Mother’s Day is this Sunday which means quality time wit the woman who brought you into this world and constantly reminds you that you should call her more often.  Seeing as how she has always put up with your bullshit, the least you can do is take her out for a mimosa or two and an omelette! 

So, let’s discuss in the comments below or on Facebook (up to you) where in the desert one can find the best brunch in town. Give us a place and bonus points will be given to those who tell us why their brunch spot beats all others in the desert.

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