IMPORTANT QUESTION: What’s your favorite day trip away from the desert?

The “Important Question” is now a recurring thing we do on Fridays to get input on things in and around the Coachella Valley. Thanks in advance for joining the conversation!

May is winding down and while it is nice that traffic is a little lighter on Highway 111, it is also starting to get a bit toasty in the Coachella Valley. Soon the temps will be regularly be 110+ degrees and, in order to try to save any sense of humanity and sanity, you might find yourself looking to get out out of the furnace of the Coachella Valley for a bit. But where?

So Cal has a lot of cool places in the mountains, the beach, and everywhere in between. Let’s discuss the best spots to get a way for a day or two in the comments – and then let’s go to these places in August so we don’t melt.

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