I’m over the heat

Yes. I know we live in a very hot desert that, during the hottest time of the year, gets extremely hot. But, much like those who get cabin fever after a long winter in other parts of the country, there comes a point when you are just over the weather and want to open windows and go outside and not sweat and, well, just feel like a normal human again. I have reached that point.

Of course, it doesn’t help that this summer has been hotter than everΒ and it sure seems like it has been a hell of a lot more humid than normal – and, even if you are lucky enough to find some cash and time that enables you to try and cool off out of town, you are likely to find the ocean is close to boiling.

And this time of year is the worst in the Coachella Valley.Β  The pool is basically warm bathwater now, every day is a muggy and sticky mess, and everyone you deal with is just pissed off and over the summer already.

No matter how long you live in the desert, it’s always weird as hell to see the kids back in school, football on the tv, and Fall and Halloween stuff show up on store shelves when it’s still 110 degrees outside, but here we are.Β  Next week will see pumpkin spice invade everything everywhere, yet I’m over here just trying to chug Pedialyte so I stay somewhat hydrated in this gross heat.

The good news is September is near and while the 10-day forecast isn’t showing much of a break, traditionally the end of the month starts to see things cool down to where at least you can go outside at night without sweating and maybe even wake up early and go for a hike to lose some of those extra pounds you put on while eating ice cream on the couch and binging on Netflix these past few months.

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