‘I’m curious…but apprehensive’ | Ask the Leaf

Welcome to Ask The Leaf, where the Palm Springs Area’s foremost Cannabis Expert, Chansce Pittard, answers your questions. This post is sponsored by The Leaf, Palm Desert’s newest dispensary – now open on El Paseo in Palm Desert. Let The Leaf’s cannabis consultants curate the perfect cannabis experience for your lifestyle! Have a question for a future Ask the Leaf article? Send it to The Leaf.

So I get it, weed is cool and legal now, but I feel so overwhelmed by it all and I want to take the plunge but I feel so overwhelmed, behind the times, and out of the know.  What would you suggest for those who are curious but apprehensive?
– Kent, Palm Desert


While the cannabis industry is booming, and many people are finding relief everyday, it can still be a nerve wracking experience to try a product that was illegal just a few years ago.

The best tool you can equip yourself with when looking into cannabis products, is simply education. But we know it can be hard to find the right place for you, with the variety of dispensaries that have entered California. Our team at The Leaf is ready and excited to have you in, to ask any questions you may have related to cannabis. Our highly trained staff always has the guest in mind, and is here to answer any questions you may have related to cannabis.

You will be able to find a large assortment of products that are designed just for the new user, who may have some caution when trying a new product. We at The Leaf always recommend to start with CBD based products – CBD is a perfect solution for individuals who may be apprehensive to try cannabis, because of it’s gentle and non-psychoactive effects. You will never feel pressured to make a purchase at The Leaf – we encourage you to stop by with any questions you may have, so we can assist you in gaining a greater quality of life!

I recently fell and injured my whole left leg. Is there any product you would recommend that I can take for the pain? I am not an everyday consumer so I would need something that would still allow me to function at work.
– Sandy, Rancho Mirage

Hi Sandy,

First off, I’m sorry you’re in pain from that fall, I know how distracting that can be! I always recommend to go to your doctor with a serious injury before heading our way. We are able to provide effective suggestions at The Leaf when we know as much about the injury as possible. That way we can figure out which areas on your leg are in the most pain, and why they are in pain, then target those specific spots.

In the cases I have seen where people are infrequent cannabis users and have had an injury like yourself, they would benefit greatly from a product that is high in CBD and has little to no THC. CBD is a great anti-inflammatory and can assist in relieving soreness and swelling. THC can also assist in pain relief but has a much more psychoactive effect, especially when it comes to edibles, tinctures or inhalable options.

In the cases where a topical balm or cream is the best option, you can embrace the benefits of THC a little more because you won’t be able to feel an intense “high” or “stoned” effect. Please remember to speak with your doctor and get a good idea of what is the exact source of your pain, whether it was a twist of a joint or a heavily bruised area, the more we know the better. I look forward to meeting you and having you meet our highly trained staff!

Have a question for a future Ask the Leaf article? Send it to The Leaf.