If you’re looking for a way to help, consider donating blood

It’s days like today that your heart aches. Eleven people who were just out for a fun night at a nightclub were murdered Wednesday night in Thousand Oaks. While trying to stop the gunman, a twelfth victim, a Ventura County sheriff’s sergeant, was also killed. These tragedies are happening way too often in America and, if you are like me, you are just left with an overwhelming sense of sorrow, rage, and hopelessness – but, you also want to help the best you can. 

If you are looking for a way to help, consider donating blood. Sadly, our elected officials continue to do nothing to stop these tragedies from happening and until they do, the blood supply needs to remain stocked and ready to go for the next violent act.

Now yes, I know that there are some ridiculous policies that exclude gay men from donating blood and those policies should be changed as soon as possible – just like we need change our laws regarding guns and this country’s mental health policies.

If you would like to learn more about donating blood or make an appointment, you can do that at the website for LifeStream, the Coachella Valley’s blood bank.