I went to Stagecoach early and Guy Fieri gave me free food

Guy Fieri's team handing out free BBQ (image: Cactus Hugs)

It’s not often that I would choose to go to Stagecoach at 1 pm (especially with the temp being 1,000 degrees), but today I just said, “fuck it,” and hopped on the shuttle at noon and BOOM now I’m eating free food courtesy of Guy Fieri.

The Food Network personality is once again hosting a BBQ area at the fest and here is a really good pic I got of him;

Friday, Fieri put on a demo and, more importantly, he then handed out a ton of free food to fest goers.

This pic is terrible (sorry it was so hot and I was so hungry) but the food was delicious.

Smoked meat, BBQ sauce, pickles, and bread – yeah, all day, erry day.

Fieri will be at Stagecoach all weekend and, hopefully, will be doling out more tasty grub.

If so, get some!

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