I had Amazon ship me stuff to inside of Coachella fest

For the first time in the history of the festival, Amazon allowed people to order items from their curated Coachella Music and Arts Festival storefront – which you can check out here – and allowed them to ship those items directly into the fest.  The company reached out to Cactus Hugs with an offer to try it (with the enticement of a $15 gift card) and that’s all the arm twisting I needed to give it a go.

Navigating the store was easy, I am a Prime member already, so surfing the Amazon store was a breeze.  The only dilemma was what to order.  After debating ordering the game of Twister or some Pedialyte, my wife and I decided on a reusable water bottle – a Coachella essential that I got to use for one whole day thanks to Kanye West 😡- and a mini fan, because it can be hot af during fest season in Indio.

We ordered the items and when the shipping option came up, we entered Indio’s 92201 zip code and “Coachella Locker” came up as a delivery option.  We were warned one must have a ticket to the fest to use and that our items would not be available for pickup after Sunday night – which made sense since that was the end of the fest.  A click through the warning and, boom, order made.

We placed our order on Thursday night and received a notification that it was available for pickup Friday at about 7.

We ventured over to the Amazon locker area – which was conveniently located near Shake Shack and the secret tiki bar.

Using the locker was a breeze.  I just scanned the email on my phone at the locker’s kiosk and a locker opened revealing my package.  It was super easy.

No sure, as a local of the Coachella Valley, this was kind of a luxury, but for someone coming from out of town with limited luggage space, ordering up supplies this way would be pretty darn convenient.