I-10 Bridge Collapse Has Made Getting Between So Cal and Phoenix Much, Much Harder

A bridge collapse on the I-10 near Desert Center has made traveling between So Cal and Arizona much, much harder.

The bridge gave way on Sunday afternoon after getting hit with over 2 inches of of rain in the last 48 hours:

Caltrans has the freeway closed in both directions:

So, how does someone get to Phoenix? According to KESQ, it is not a pleasant experience:

Interstate-10 is closed eastbound in Indio from the 86 Expressway on. That’s forcing all traffic to go south on the 86. You’ll take that all the way to Interstate-8, almost at the U.S.-Mexican border. Then head east to Yuma, get on State Highway-95 back up to interstate-10 at Quartzsite and from there you’re clear to Phoenix.

Interstate 10 westbound is being diverted in Blythe at intake road. Traffic is being routed onto State-Highway 95 northbound up to Highway 62.

Then traffic will head west through Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley and then back to Interstate-10-just west of palm springs near whitewater.

There is no word on when the 10 may reopen.