Husband and wife found dead after hiking in 113 heat in Amboy

Roy's Amboy

A couple was discovered dead on Saturday after hiking near Amboy Crater.

Kathie Barber, 58, called authorities after she became separated from her husband Gen Miake, 60, reports ABC 7.  She told the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department she had run out of water and that she was concerned about her husband who had a heart condition.

An air team spotted the two hikers, both down, about a hundred yards away from each other with no shade approximately a mile east of the Amboy Trail head. Both were unresponsive.  It was 113 degrees when the hikers were found.

The Yorba Linda couple was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neighbors of the couple told the Press Enterprise could be seen holding hands in the mornings as they took walks before work.

“They always seemed so happy together,” Janay Maisano told the newspaper.


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