Howard Hughes’ Palm Springs house sells for $1.3 million

A Palm Springs home once owned by billionaire film and aviation mogul Howard Hughes recently sold for $1.3 million.

As NBC News notes, the place went on the market for the first time in more than 50 years with a price tag of $1.2 million in 2016. This month it sold for $1,350,000.


The 2,400 square foot residence has three bedrooms and three baths, a pool, a pretty dope patio, and plenty of rad views.

The home is near the famous Bob Hope Spaceship house, which sold for juuuust a bit more cash in 2016.

Hughes, who was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2004 movie The Aviator, is not the only celebrity to have spent time at the house.  According to TMZ, actress Eva Gabor was also once an owner and Robert Evans chose it for his honeymoon.

The home was also a favorite vacation spot for Smokey Robinson.