You’ve had a long day at work and you could definitely use a beverage or two, some tasty noms, and a little quality time with your friends – but, your bank account isn’t exactly flush with cash. That’s okay. This is why there is Happy Hour. Here are eight ways to make sure you are doing Happy Hour right brought to you by Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill

Go Somewhere that is good

Yes, I know.  This seems obvious.  But hear me out.  There are a lot of places that have a Happy Hour menu, but how many times have you gone into a place excited and then left an hour later because you were forced to drink a terrible beer because all of the good craft stuff wasn’t on Happy Hour?  It’s Happy Hour, not Sulky Hour.  Go to a place that serves the food, beer, wine, and cocktails you want at a good price.

Go where you can actually get a seat

Those restaurants that only do Happy Hour in their bar, the ones with a bar with 4 stools, those are, clearly, evil and should be crossed off your Happy Hour list. You just know Opal and her three red hat wearing friends are going to get there at 3:59pm, grab the seats, and sip on one glass of Chardonnay with ice all night and you are never getting a stool, a beverage, or an enjoyable time.

Standing against a wall hoping that someone leaves so you can get a cheap beer is no fun, especially if you invited your friends to join you in the big, long wait.  Be sure to go to places like Stuft Pizza in La Quinta and Palm Desert that do Happy Hour pricing throughout the whole bar, the patio, and the restaurant. Every seat! And every item on the Happy Hour menu. Plus there’s TVs everywhere so you won’t miss the game no matter where you are (even the patio), which is nice.

Remember: It’s not Happy Hour if the portions are super tiny

A lot of restaurants know that you like the idea of Happy Hour, so they have a Happy Hour – but, all they do is reduce their portion sizes by half and reduce the price by 20 percent.

Just because you are out at 5pm, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a decent sized appetizer or entree.  Heck, this is probably going to end up being dinner for you, so make sure you go to a place that doesn’t scrimp on portions or force you to order 15 appetizers to feel satisfied.

Go with good people

Yeah Debra in accounting is no fun at work and she’s not going to be any fun at Happy Hour either.  Don’t invite her.

Happy Hour doesn’t have to be unhealthy

(Stuft Pizza)

The days of a deep-fried everything Happy Hour menu are over.  Sure, there are times you wanna indulge, so if this is one of those times, have at it!  But, if it’s not, that’s fine.  Order up a whiskey and diet and grab something from the Stuft Pizza menu like an Ahi Tuna Stack, Sea Bass, or Grilled Artichoke – which allow you to enjoy something delicious without worrying about that calorie count.

Go where the locals go

The Greater Palm Springs area is home to a ton of restaurants and bars.  You want to know which ones are the best?  Ask a local.  There’s a reason why Stuft Pizza is named to so many of those “Best Happy Hour” lists, it’s good, it’s fun, and it’s affordable.

Pace yourself

The thing about a good Happy Hour is that everything on the menu looks so darn good.  And while you might want to grab a couple of different appetizers, you don’t have to do it all at once.  You’ve got time.  Get a drink, order some green bean fries, share them with friends.  Then, on your second drink, order up a a couple of small pizzas for your group.  This is a marathon, not a sprint – plus small pizzas are $2.50 off at Stuft’s Happy Hour, so you can try some different pies (30 to choose from) and save some cash.

Pick up the tab every once in a while

(Stuft Pizza)

Want your friends, coworkers, and family to love you?  Pick up the whole check after a great time out at Happy Hour.  They will leave happy and satisfied and you get credit for buying a drinks and a meal at super low prices.  Win-win!