Hotel Impossible at “The Curve” in Palm Springs: Urine, Bugs, & a Super Pissed Housekeeper

Hotel Impossible Curve Palm Springs

Hotel Impossible Curve Palm Springs

The other day I caught the re-airing of an episode of The Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” which was filmed at The Curve Hotel in Palm Springs and originally aired in 2013. The hotel needed the help of Anthony Melchiorri to fix up the joint which had some issues. Most notably urine, bugs, and…wait, that seemed like a lot of urine!

Fix-em-up shows like this are interesting. Sure they can be entertaining to watch and it is nice to see a business get all cleaned up and have some of their problems fixed – but what about those problems? It can not be fun to watch a show like this if you have stayed at this hotel and now know that you slept in the bed full of urine and caterpillars! Then there is the head of housekeeping who is just so angry!!!

For what it is worth, Anthony and his hot designer with the cool name did a good job of sprucing up the joint and did I mention they makes balls now.  Also, sororities seem to like the place. So it has that going for it.

Update: Nothing worked and the hotel will try again with a whole new thing later this year.

Watch the recap here: