Hot Take: Rhythm, Wine & Brews would be just fine without the ‘rhythm’

Rhythm, Wine, and Brews
Beer and music...not a bad day

In a surprising turn, organizers of the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Festival cancelled the event, planned for March, just five days after announcing that a lineup and pre-sale tickets were coming. The festival proclaimed they had their headliner pull-out and were forced to nix everything. But, and just go with me on this, what if the event was really never about the musicians?

Here was the announcement from the event:


Now, here’s the thing: If you have been to a RWBExp event, then you know that you can expect a huuuuuuge line to get in – but, only for the beer and wine tasting portion of the event. By the time the main stage kicks off, there is usually no line at all to get in and, at least in the last few years, by the time the headliner begins, the Empire Polo Club is pretty well cleared out.

So, here’s my hot take: forget the headliner. Consider it a blessing that they flaked at the last minute and just do the event with the beer and wine, maybe a few local bands and DJs, throw in some food trucks, shorten the event, and, since they no longer have to payout the bigger bands, maybe even lower ticket prices a bit.

It. Just. Might. Work.

Now look, I am not privy to the behind the scenes of the event and I am definitely not an event promoter #NotAPromoter – so I have no way to know how many tickets Rhythm, Wine, and Brews…err, I mean just Wine and Brews would need to sell in order to make it worthwhile and if there would be enough demand – but, based on attendance at recent events like Props and Hops and La Quinta Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest, it does appear there is some interest among Coachella Valley locals to get together, have a few drinks, and see some new and old friends – which might even be easier to do with a shorter event without a loud band or two capping it off.

It’s probably too late to consider, but, who knows.  Stranger things have happened.

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