Hooray! It is “Tell Your Friends About Cactus Hugs Day”

computer kid

Perhaps you did not know that today was “National Tell Your Friends About Cactus Hugs Day”?  Well do not feel bad, I did not even know it was until I just typed that last sentence. But hey, someone was able to get November 19th to be called “Play Monopoly Day“,  “National Bad Day Day“, and “World Toilet Day” (which is actually something very important you might want to check out) – so why not “National Tell Your Friends About Cactus Hugs Day” too?

When Cactus Hugs was launched (all the way back in the summer of 2014) I never dreamed it would have more than a half dozen readers (if I did, maybe we could have tried a little harder).  But hey, now we have a lot of awesome, good looking, and dare I say vivacious readers (yup, I am talking to you Hot Stuff!).

Of course, it would always be nice to have a few more readers –  but since The Cactus Hugs marketing budget is less than what The Desert Sun and KESQ spend in an hour on toilet paper (hey, everybody poops…even media personalities), I am kind of relying on amazing people like you to get the word out (did I mention how vivacious you look today?).

So today (or really any day), feel free to tell your friends, co-workers, and cell-mates about Cactus Hugs.  Maybe they could like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter (sorry we are not on Snapchat yet, so there won’t be any nudes coming your way).

And who knows, maybe things can get really crazy – you can tell your friends, they can tell their friends, and then they will start to spread the word on their other secret “catfish” Facebook profiles as well.

Whatever happens, thanks for all of your support, news tips, and, wait…did I say how vivacious you look today?