Palm Springs approves plans to bring a store (probably H&M) to downtown

wessman h&m
(Wessman Development via Desert Sun)

The city of Palm Springs has allowed for a height increase on new downtown building that is slated to become – though no one will confirm it – an H&M store.

The Architectural Advisory Committee agreed to allow an increase in height from 24 feet to 28 feet for the Palm Canyon Drive building, according to the Desert Sun. This would allow for a second story to display clothes and such by H&M – well, probably H&M.

“The tenant wants to announce at their own pace,” Michael Braun, senior vice-president for Wessman told the newspaper.

The location – which you can bet the farm is an H&M, seeing as how plans for an H&M were already submitted for the location several months ago – has an opening date is set for mid-2017, according to Braun.

The store will join other previously announced West Elm, Juice Served Here (which I assume serves some sort of beverage at a particular location), and a second Il Corsco (El Paseo).