Riverside County GOP tweets picture of hangman ‘ready for Hillary Clinton’

(Twitter / Press Enterprise)
(Twitter / Press Enterprise)
(Twitter / Press Enterprise)

The Riverside County Republican Party’s twitter, which is usually just a feed of retweets and lame memes, sent out some original content yesterday which featured an executioner who is “ready for Hillary”.  The tweet was then deleted – because, as we all know, once you take something off the internet, it is gone forever.

Oops. Maybe not.

The Press Enterprise screenshotted the tweet reached out to chairman Scott Mann:

In a telephone interview, Mann said only he and another volunteer have access to the Twitter account and editorial discretion to tweet from it. He said he didn’t send out the tweet and declined to name the volunteer.

Oh yes.  Of course!  The “volunteer” did it!

And while the “volunteer” was not named, I think we can all safely assume it is none other than my boyfriend, George Glass.

george glass

Update: turns out it was this guy who tweeted it – and he no longer is employed.