Hillary Clinton loses coveted El Paseo tacky window display endorsement

But what does this window display mean?
This is fine in Palm Desert, but don’t you dare put up a yard sale sign!

El Paseo – quite possibly the most pompous and boring retail / dining / overprice jewelry district in America – is currently featuring a very subtle election-themed window display.

The display, seen at the corner of Portola and El Paseo, was clearly intended to show just how hot Clinton’s campaign is right now by showing her running so fast in front of Donald Trump that her feet are literally on fire.  And, for anyone that says otherwise, the display is calling you a liar not once, but three times.

And no, there is no other interpretation of what this display could possibly mean.

El Paseo and Portola is clearly not Hillary friendly

Though I am not sure why this display is needed in the first place – as clearly a pawn shop has already won the election for Trump with their grammatically interesting billboards seen throughout town.

Note: sorry for the potato quality of the pictures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯