Hiker rescued after spending the night on Mt. San Jacinto

Mount San Jacinto in Southern California seen from the north. (By Wattewyl, CC BY 3.0, Link

A man was rescued on Monday morning after spending the night on Mount San Jacinto.

The hiker injured himself while hiking the Skyline Trail at about 8,000 ft., according to City News Service. Authorities were notified at about 10 pm.

Monday morning, the man was found by Sheriff’s deputies and the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit and he was airlifted to a hospital about 9 am.

The Skyline Trail, also known as the Cactus to Clouds Trail, has the greatest elevation gain of any trail in the United States, according to AllTrails. It climbs 8,000 feet from the desert to Long Valley, then joins with the main trail to gain another 2600 feet to the summit.

The hikers name and injuries were not released.