The highlights from Dan Ball’s odd interview with the Uken Report

Dan Ball, one of two television personalities running for the Coachella Valley Congressional District, was recently interviewed by Cindy Uken of the Uken Report. It was, ummm, well…it was classic Dan Ball.

Here are some of the things that stood out in the interview:

On why voted for Donald Trump:

I truly felt that Hillary Clinton would be another establishment candidate who was bought and paid for. I’m sorry, but 30, 40 years of all these theories, conspiracies about her, the foundation, and her husband, whatever. I’m sorry, I still believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Looks like someone is a Sean Hannity fan.  How wonderful.

On why he, as a television person, is qualified to be in Congress:

Because I haven’t been a congressman or held office before. How about that? That’s something you won’t hear from anybody, right? Let’s be real.

“Who should fly this plane?”

“Me, because I have never flown a plane before. How about that? That’s something you won’t hear from anybody. Let’s be real.”

On political parties:

“No one recruited me. If they would have recruited me, I probably wouldn’t have responded and maybe even ran, if a party would have called me and said will you run? Because I’m not doing it for a party.”

A campaign consultant for Dan Ball worked previously as a District Director and Senior Advisor to Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack.

On living in the Coachella Valley:

I’ve lived in five of the nine cities.

Only four more to go!

On why he is no longer working at KMIR:

On February 7th, it’s a hard shift and I slept through my alarm. Three days later, I was given my walking papers. You draw your own conclusions on why I was let go. There were no other reasons. I’ve seen all kinds of the little bloggers online saying different chitty-chatty things about why they think I’m no longer there. It came down to a contract dispute.

Little bloggers are known for nothing more that saying “chitty-chatty things” – also, and this is important, workplaces typically frown on tardiness and for allegedly screaming obscenities at coworkers.

The whole interview is worth a read – check it out here.

This post has been updated as a role in the Dan Ball campaign was incorrectly identified as campaign manager and not consultant.

(H/T Not Michael Wilson)