Hidden Cash Comes To Riverside, May Come to Palm Springs

Jason Buzi, the man behind Twitter’s HiddenCash, did his thing in Riverside by hiding $1,700 in a field…it went pretty much as expected:

The Press Enterprise was there to see it all go down:

Within minutes, hundreds of people – many of whom had arrived hours earlier at Fairmount Park, where they had incorrectly guessed the drop would be made – were furiously combing the field, kicking dirt and leaves with their shoes, combing through brush with sticks and exclaiming, “Where is it? Where is it?”

Not all of the money disappeared at once. Raymond David, 23, of Riverside, arrived about an hour and a half after the drop was made and combed through the same dirt, leaves and shrubbery at the base of a small tree that dozens of other people had searched through. He found a crisp $100 bill.

While there was plenty of kicking and digging dirt, damage to the field did not seem to be as extensive as a Hidden Cash drop earlier in the week in Whittier:

In fact, The City of Riverside thanked Hidden Cash for coming to The Inland Empire:

And this may not be the last Hidden Cash drop in our area. Buzi told The Press Enterprise that San Bernardino and Palm Springs are two places he’s considering for a future hiding place.

Meanwhile Hidden Cash Coachella Valley remains very meh.