Hidden Cash Coachella Valley Returns to Twitter, Realizes Phenomenon is Over

hidden cash

Early August brought an end to the Hidden Cash era on Twitter. It was a fun phenomenon while it lasted: rich people hiding money, everyone else destroying parks to find it – but like everything, it was time to call it quits.

However, there was one person who did not get the message: whoever is behind the weird and lazy Coachella Valley version:

Of course, Twitter being Twitter, some jerk ruined it for everyone by responding with snark to an intrepid reporter’s alert.

Hidden Cash CV saw the tweet and blamed it all on that damned heat!:

Even going officially on the record!

Duly noted. But then, a bit of a realization may have occurred as they questioned the official Hidden Cash Twitter account:

There was no response.

Could this spell the end of Coachella Valley Hidden Cash?  If not, then at what temperature and humidity level will it finally be acceptable for cash hiding?  Did I ruin everyone’s chance at free money with facts and snark?

We anxiously await these answers.