So “Hidden Cash Coachella Valley” is Probably a Canadian

We have explored in depth how weird, lazy, and non-existent The Coachella Valley version of Twitter’s Hidden Cash has been to this point – but we have not really explored who is behind the Twitter account (mostly because they are not actually hiding cash – which is kind of the main thing they are supposed to be doing).

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Friday, we may have all been tipped off a bit as to who is behind Hidden Cash Coachella Valley when they unleashed an Instagram post with the following caption:

Good morning #coachellavalley!!! I’ve missed you all, been out if the country but it can’t wait to be back and start up this #hiddencash scavenger hunt! Remember the reason behind it! Pay it forward, be kind do good things for others. When you do good, good is done for you. Keep a positive mind, believe that all things are possible. Pass the word, I will be back soon and ready to hide some cash. #payitforward

Ahhh…a snowbird!  Agreed, it is tough to run scavenger hunts for Coachella Valley locals when you are summering in Vancouver.  And as far as the picture in the Instagram post goes:

Let’s just hope that voice inside of your head is not saying “kill, kill, kill!”

A Canadian with money to burn does make sense (hello universal health care!).  We hope you enjoy your time in Canada, Hidden Cash Coachella Valley.