Hey Music-Blasting Hikers, Buy Some Damn Headphones!


Hiking is great. You get a good workout, you usually get a kickass view, and it gets you out of the concrete and into some actual nature. While some people like to listen to music while they hike, others do not.  And what nobody likes is having to hear somebody else’s dumb music blasting while hiking.

For some reason, a few hikers feel that a super cool thing to do while hiking it to blast some music on their smartphone’s speaker (others like to talk on the speakerphone while hiking – but, that rant will have to be posted here on another day).  While this does serve as a sort of “selfish-asshole alert system”, it is pretty dumb that some think this is totally acceptable.

Now, I get it, they are working out and they want some tunes to pace or motivate or whatever – and that is cool.  But, why does everyone else have to listen their terrible EDM on the Bump and Grind too?

I am pretty sure that headphones, which allow people to listen to their music without requiring everyone around them to also hear it to, came with their phone when they got it.  If not, well they can get a good, cheap pair here or spend some more money to get these.

As Cactus Hugs is not read by assholes (that is a compliment to you, and you are welcome!), these music blasting douchebags probably won’t see this – so, just be sure to let them know they are being a total dick next time you see them blaring their tunes on the Cross Hike or the Lykken Trail or wherever…just be sure to yell so they can hear you over their dumb music.

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