Hero Ferrari Catches on Fire, Drives Itself Away From Gas Pumps

A Ferrari possibly saved several lives at a Martinez, California Chevron station after it drove itself away from dangerous gas pumps after bursting into flames.

No one, including the 1978 Ferrari’s owner is really sure why the car caught on fire and how it managed to steer itself away driverless. Via CBS:

“I turned to look, and realized flames were erupting from above the engine, so I immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher to put it out,” owner Al Cui said.

Cui and others at the gas station ran for cover, and watched as the Ferrari started rolling itself away from the gas station, and into the street.

The fire department actually backs up the stort. ¬†“That’s what happened,” Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Mike Eglite told KNTV-TV. ¬†“It’s “almost like a scene out of ‘Back to the Future’.”