Here’s the worst time to go Black Friday shopping

Sure, you would like to save some dough on a bigger TV for the living room or some new threads, but you would also like to be able to park within the same zip code of the mall and it would be nice to avoid getting into a fight with other shoppers over an Instant Pot. So, if at all possible, you should avoid a particular 4 hour period of Black Friday shopping.


Based on last year’s data, Waze expects searches for directions to retail locations to start late during the night of Thanksgiving. Routes to stores are expected to peak from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, with 1 p.m. being the busiest time.

Consumers are expected to flock to electronics stores, with Waze predicting a 208 percent increase in travel to them versus a typical Friday in November. Fashion retailers should see a 50 percent increase in shoppers, according to Waze data.

That 11 am to 3 pm should be bonkers and should probably be avoided at all costs.  I know that turkey and booze hangover combined with a day off is probably a sign you should sleep in, but power through the morning to beat the crowds.

Then spend the afternoon napping or binging on Stranger Things or at the bar while everyone else dukes it out over saving 50% on bed sheets.  Besides, you can get everything you need at home by shopping the Cactus Hugs Gift Guide.