Here’s why you might want to leave your wallet at home if you head out to the CV Link

A robbery on the small, completed section of the CV Link in Palm Springs this week brought up new questions about just how safe the souped-up bike path is for pedestrians and, well, it turns out not so much.

Via KESQ (emphasis by me):

In our report on Nov. 2017, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments, the leading agency for the CV Link told News Channel 3 once the trail opens maintaining a safe trail could include security cameras and surveillance.

News Channel 3’s Lauren Coronado spoke to a CVAG representative over the phone yesterday, who said none of those security measures are in place yet. The representative said this isn’t a public safety concern and denied providing an interview or statement until CVAG officials “Understand the situation better,” including obtaining a police report.

Ahhh, guess the keywords there were “could include.”  Perfect.  Just let us know when ya’ll can get around to “understanding the situation” of someone getting robbed better, CVAG.  Thanks.

As for policing of the CV Link, there wasn’t much prior to the robbery, but should be more going forward.

Palm Springs Police Sergeant Mike Casavan said the link was not routinely patrolled before this robbery but added that it is now on their radar. The CV Link runs through Palm Springs where the robbery happened and Cathedral City.

“Anytime that we bring in something new to the community, whether it’s a business or something similar to the CV link we do take safety into consideration,” said Cathedral City Police Chief Travis Walker.

Walker said the trail is regularly patrolled by CCPD officers, including a bicycle patrol that rides through the path, but he admitted that access to the link is limited.

So yeah, while officials sort all this out and, hopefully, make some improvements to the path’s security, maybe leave your wallet and jewelry behind for now and, if you can, bring a friend or two with you you are headed out for a walk, run, or bike ride on the CV Link.