Here’s where the CV Link will be built in Palm Desert

After years of fumbling and bumbling, the CV Link appears to finally be coming to Palm Desert next year. Where will the path for walkers, runners, cyclists, and (for some reason) small electric vehicles go? Here are the details.

According to the Desert Sun, the city of Palm Desert will see a total of 5 miles of the 50-plus mile project constructed in the city limits.

The path will start in the west part of the city from Painters Path, near the entrance to the Bump and Grind Trail. It will then run northeast on Painters Path, across Highway 111, and continue east on Park View Drive.

It will then go north on Monterey Avenue, turn east on Magnesia Falls Drive, and then run along the Whitewater Wash where it will pass Cook Street and, as Indian Wells is not a part of CV Link, end, leaving a gap between where it picks up again in La Quinta.

The CV Link is estimated to cost $100 million for the entire path, with most of the project funded by grants.  The Palm Desert section is expected to take about a year to complete, with construction starting in February.