Here’s what’s up with all those Miley Cyrus Instagram pics taken around the Palm Springs area

Miley Cyrus has been posting a bunch of photos taken around Palm Springs and Joshua Tree to her Instagram lately. Why you ask? Well, some think it could be some sort of tease for a Coachella appearance. Others believe it could be for no reason other than she took a bunch of photos in one day to keep that important #content machine rolling along for a bit. But we at Cactus Hugs know exactly what’s up with all of them, so we have summarized each below.

Here’s Miley attending the annual Windmill Prom held annually in the Whitewater / Desert Hot Springs area.

Here’s Miley testing the limits of the Joshua Tree National Park rangers by doing something that you are really not supposed to do.

Here is Miley using an umbrella to protect herself from harmful ultraviolet rays:

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The shade of it all….. β˜‚

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Here’s Miley taking a break during a hike and realizing that bringing a jacket was silly as it’s just so hot in the desert and maybe next time she will just wear a workout outfit instead:

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Countin down the days until FESTIVAL SEASON πŸ¦‹

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Here’s Miley wearing nothing but thigh-high green boots and a hat while relaxing on a Chaise Lounge Chair in the middle of Joshua Tree with a dog – which is, you know, the typical photo that everyone takes in the Hi-Desert:

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Happy national puppy day you filthy animals 🐾

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And finally here is another photo from that annual Windmill Prom (because prom photos always come in packages):

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