The 2019 Coachella Music and arts Festival has not just one, but two secret bars for your drinking (and dancing) enjoyment. Here’s what they are like.

The tiki bar is back with both an indoor and outdoor area.

The patio are is accessible for general admission and has a bar and plenty of seating.

There’s also a volcano.

So you have that going for you.

If you want to get inside, you need to be VIP or be lucky enough to be selected by one of the staff.

The inside is cooler…literally… as it’s air-conditioned.

The drinks are the same inside and out.

Now I know what your asking and, we’ll, it’s a secret location. But, I’ll give you a hint: you will find it in the beer garden to the west of the main stage.

On the opposite side of the field (hint), lies Coachella’s secret disco bar, Hush Hush.

Enter those doors and it’s New Year’s Eve 1979 all the time.

Wild, man.

I didn’t get a pic of the drink menu (it’s dark), but there are four options and they’ll run you $16.

If you go, try and go early in the day or when people are eating dinner – as both places fill up quickly and will probably have a wait.


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