Here’s a video shot inside the Village Pub that is pretty freakin’ gross


A video popped up on Twitter this week recorded inside the Village Pub and, well, it’s gross.

The video, tweeted out by @farkmarx81, begins with a menu for the pub then pans over to the bar area where we first see some bottles and, oh God, there’s a giant rat.

The tweet included hashtags like #VillagePub, #HealthDepartment, and, for some reason, #MAGA.  It was then tweeted out several times from the account tagging other hotels in the city.

“Obviously that is the Village Pub but that is not the stove, that’s the bar. And it’s like above the bar. And it’s before we were closed… It’s daytime and there’s nobody in there… That’s really weird,” The Village Pub’s GM Ingrid Swenson told the Desert Sun.

The bar then released a statement to the newspaper saying that the video was from “possibly 3 months ago and… was posted to cause (the restaurant) damage and discredit our reputation” the week its expected to reopen.” The downtown spot is in the middle of a forced closure due to two violations: one for an employee battering a patron and another for a manager who was not certified by the ABC.

The restaurant received an “A” grade during its last inspection with health department, receiving a 91 score which included a 2 point deduction for “rodents, insects, birds, or animals” in March. Management says they regularly schedule Terminix to come out and do their thing.

The Village Pub is set to reopen this Saturday with a party that includes free “#back from R3HAB” t-shirts for the first 100 customers and a chance to win a thousand dollars.