Here’s why the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade will not be on New Year’s Day this year

Your annual tradition of waking up, fighting a hangover, and turning on the tv to watch a bunch of awesomely decorated floats cruise through Pasadena is going to have to wait a year as the Tournament of Roses Parade will not be taking place on January 1st.

The parade has observed a “Never on Sunday” tradition since 1893 and, with New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, the annual event will be pushed back to January 2nd, according to the official website:

The Tournament of Roses has had a “Never on Sunday” tradition since 1893, the first year since the beginning of the Tournament that New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday. Officials wanted to avoid frightening horses that would be tethered outside churches and thus interfering with worship services so the events were moved to the next day, January 2. Though horses are no longer tethered outside local churches, the tradition remains to this day.

The Rose Bowl will also be moved to Monday this year – with things getting back to normal in 2018.