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Here’s Peter Dante singing about Indio

Here’s Peter Dante singing about Indio

Peter Dante, the actor best known for Grandma’s Boy and every Adam Sandler movie, is, clearly, a big fan of Indio. How much of a fan? Well, he has teamed up with Xpression the MC to record an entire music video about it.

Dante is a bit of a local legend in the Coachella Valley and can be seen out and about quite a bit.

The video was shot around Indio at spots like the 76 station on Indio Boulevard, the Tamale Festival, Arriola’s Tortilleria (mmmm…nachos), Bob’s Twin Kitchen, and just about everywhere else in the city.  Hell, even Yellow Mart makes an appearance.

As for the lyrics, well, you definitely know they’re in Indio….

They’re in Indio.


It seems to be a bit of a Golden Era for songs about local cities as surely this track will soon join “Palm Springs Bitch” at the top of your playlist.

(h/t DB)