Here’s how much money Mayweather and McGregor are making for their fight

Will it be a good fight? Who knows. What is known is that Saturday night’s bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is going to make them a ton of dough.

According to ESPN, Mayweather is guaranteed $100 million and another $25 million from  sponsorship deals. McGregor will take home, at the very least, $30 million. And while that may seem like an unfair balance, it is nearly 10 times what McGregor earned in his last UFC Fight.

UFC boss Dana White said he expects nearly 5 million people to watch the fight on PPV and believes the total revenue from the bout will bring in $700 million, which ESPN claims would end up pushing Mayweather’s earnings to $200 million and McGregor’s to $100 million.

Not too shabby.

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