Here’s how much cash you need to be considered ‘wealthy’ in California

How much money do you need to be called “wealthy” in California? It’s just a little bit more than you are going to pull in on your next paycheck.

A survey by Charles Schwab asked 500 adults in LA, Orange, and Ventura County how much coin they think makes someone “wealthy,” their answer: $2.6 million – and this because, I am guessing, 2.5 million bucks is just chump change? Seriously though, there is an odd randomness to this number.

Elsewhere, people do not think it would take as much in the bank to be considered rich, with the OC Register noting that people in Houston and Philly believe $1.7 million makes you wealthy – and probably because, unlike California, you might be able to actually afford a pretty nice home for under a million dollars there.

In the same survey, Californians admitted to spending more than they probably should on things like entertainment, dining out, $4 coffees, and clothing – which will end up making it that much harder for anyone to ever save up $2.6 million to be “wealthy.”

Then again, most of the rich people I encounter in the desert are entitled assholes – so maybe it’s better that way.