Did you go to Rhythm, Wine, and Brews on Saturday?  Did you enjoy Snoop?  Did you have some awesome beers?  Did you wait in a gigantic freakin’ line to get in?

Lines suck.  But I get it, the event is getting more popular (3 hours of unlimited beer from 65 breweries, plus wine, plus Snoop will do that) – and the organizers have to make sure everyone is checked out by security first, and that means that it is going to make it tougher to get in for the General Admission crowd.

But, all that time spent waiting in line (I waited almost an hour), means less time you get to sample all that delicious brew.

Here’s a photo of the line – it’s kind of hard to see, but the line wrapped up and around the parking lot (you can see the line wrap back around on the left side of the photo):

It’s tough to see in this photo how big the line was, but it wrapped up and around the polo fields (Kristen Dolan)

Then, once you got in, there was yet more lines for ID Check and to get your tasting glass.

Agggh…more lines!

So, I have a solution.

Let the GA crowd into the area with the stage and food starting an hour before the tastings begin. This will give everyone a chance to throw down a sandwich or two before sippin’ on all that beer and wine and hanging out on some picnic tables and playing corn hole sure beats standing in a gigantic line.

The rest of the fest was great, by the way. Lots of great breweries, I am told the wine was good (who has time for wine when you have so much great beer?), and they even added some new stuff like fire and aerial performers, which was nice.

Plus there was Snoop and you can never go wrong with that (well, unless you are Coachella Valley Wind-Up, I guess).

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