Here’s how much rain is expected to fall in the Coachella Valley this week

(Instagram / @bradyspear)

While last week’s storm didn’t bring all that much rain to the Coachella Valley, another storm is on the way and it looks like it might just bring a little more of the wet stuff to the Greater Palm Springs area.

According to the forecast, there is a 70% chance of showers on Wednesday, followed by a 50% chance of rain on Thursday. Both days will see high temps only in the low 60s (which is a little chilly for desert rats acclimated to the 120 summers).

While the coast of California is expected to get well over an inch of rain out of the storms, Palm Springs and Thermal (and most spots in between) look like they will get around .25 to .50 inches of rain – yeah, not a ton, but it’s a desert and we’ll take all we can get.

Just to be safe, be sure to check those wiper blades and get out your kayak..

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