Here’s how many people that new Palm Springs arena expects to fit for concerts

Details have been tricking in about the new downtown Palm Springs arena and now we get word about just how many people they expect will be able to attend concerts there and, well, it’s a lot.

As Arena Digest notes, AHL hockey games at the venue will accommodate a capacity of 10,055.  If that many people actually will attend minor league hockey games remains to be seen, but then I guess anything is possible.  Of those seats, 8,313 will be in the lower bowl.  There will also be various seating options on the premium level, 108 ADA and companion seats in the lower bowl, and standing room only areas in both the lower bowl and premium level.

For concerts, attendance can be increased to 11,295 people – with the arena planning on hosting 30 concerts, usually on Saturday nights, but some mid-week nights as well.  The arena also expects to host 39 other “family shows, corporate and other” events.

One interesting note: of the 30 concerts, 20 are expected to be sell-outs – which means artists that can sell over 11,000 tickets and, wow, that should be some pretty big names coming to the desert, which will be a nice change of pace from the same two dozen or so acts that rotate around the local casino circuit.

As for where everyone is going to park, who knows?  Here’s hoping that there is a public transit option (like an express SunLine shuttle) offered to and from the arena to cities across the Coachella Valley, but then that would make sense and rarely do things that make sense actually happen in the desert.