Here’s how Disneyland plans to kick you out of Star Wars Land

Star Wars Land or whatever the Mouse People are calling it will soon be open to those who made reservations at Disneyland. The thing is, those reservations are only for four hours – which means the park will have to make sure that people actually leave when their time is up in order to make room for more guests to buy a bunch of merchandise and food and maybe ride an attraction. So how will this all be done? The LA Times explains:

To maintain some order during the first three weeks after the 14-acre attraction opens, Disneyland will require reservations for each visitor to enter the land, with colored wristbands used to distinguish which four-hour time window corresponds with each visitor.

Once a time window expires, park employees dressed as “Star Wars” characters will politely tell parkgoers that they need to leave the land to make way for new visitors.

Disneyland representatives say they expect that most guests will abide by the courteous directions to move on. But they remain mum about what will happen if guests ignore the requests.

Hmmm, well, here’s one idea:

Though the park doesn’t think it will come to that.

“Four hours is a long time in the land,” Kris Theiler, vice president of the Disneyland Park told the newspaper. “Most guests are going to find that they’re ready to roll after four hours.”

Yeah, because clearly people are going to want to leave something they have waited years for, got lucky enough to land reservations to see, and plopped down a small fortune on tickets for all so they can bail after 90 minutes to go ride teacups or see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.