Here’s some good news if you’re tired of dealing with the chaos at Costco

By: Mike Mozart

Costco is freakin’ great. Where else can you get a gallon of mayo, a package of frozen tilapia filets that will last you until February, and a hot dog / soda combo for less than 2 bucks? Nowhere. But, with the good comes the bad. In order to get your items you have to deal with the awful parking lot, the hordes of old people stocking up on fiber and Seagram’s products, and the people who lose their minds and abandon their cart in the middle of the aisle because they see a free sampling of sausage going on. Luckily, there’s some good news.

Costco announced this week they are doing free two-day delivery for any order over $75. First things first, thanks Amazon for getting everyone to follow you on this. Second, just know this is only for dry groceries, so don’t go thinking that you are going to get frozen ice cream two days later.

Oh, but here’s the thing. You can get fresh foods by using InstaCart – which will also get you deliveries from Stater Bros., Petco, Aldi, and more, for a small fee, of course.

As The Sun notes, some online items from Costco will set you back a bit more than if you picked it up in store, such as one of those rotisserie chickens, which is $5.89 compared with the usual $4.99 in-store price and Kirkland’s toilet paper – which goes for $19 online and just under 16 bucks if you pick it up in person.

Guess that’s the price you have to pay in order to not to lose your mind over the crowds at Costco.