Here’s a weird thing we received in the Cactus Hugs DMs

We get a lot of messages through the Cactus Hugs Facebook page. Some are great newstips, some appear to be old people who think Messenger is like Alexa and just write one word like “restaurant” or phrases like “stop following me.”  We also get the occasional message asking if local TV people are single and once got a dick pic followed by an immediate apology and desperate plea not to share it on the website (we didn’t, so you’re welcome to everyone). Very rarely does anything sent to the DMs surprise anymore, but this weekend, we got a new type of message.

Here’s a photo of sent in by La Quinta Councilman, and #DoYouEvenLaQuintaBro creator, Steve Sanchez surrounding a small Cactus at some sort of function accompanied by the words “cactus hug” and, well, this was it:

While it’s nice to have someone in government to openly admit they read Cactus Hugs (looking at you here, Palm Springs, mayor), it is sort of odd to have these sorts of things showing in our DMs – though the look on the confused man and woman behind Sanchez is pretty fantastic.  Also, is Cactus Hugs good enough for a suit, but not a tie, Steve?  Also, this is a hug, let’s bring it in a bit, man!

Please local politicians, we love being sucked up to but in the future, just send us tickets to Brew in LQ instead (and try not to schedule it on the worst day possible).