Here’s a bunch of pro skateboarders, including Tony Hawk, taking over Palm Springs Wet ‘N’ Wild

While Palm Springs Wet ‘n’ Wild hasn’t been of much use to us locals looking to cool down from the scorching Coachella Valley heat this summer, it has been getting plenty of use by those looking to ride looking to ride a motorcycle or do a little skateboarding throughout the facility.

The waterpark, which we are told will, at one point, be a large wave pool, was featured in yet another video recently that included plenty of skateboarders – including Tony Hawk.

“We were given free reign [sic] to skate anything we wanted—and you better believe we did!” Tim Aguilar wrote in Thrasher. “The street dogs sniffed out the ledges and rails and the tranny lords terrorized the tunnels. Conquering the main attraction was on everyone’s bucket list, but few overcame the mental barrier to do so. The entire week was epic but the days Tony Hawk showed up were a true spectacle. Entire families watched as a 50-year-old man took the slams and eventually conquered a loop in the wild. Thought he wouldn’t?! Our time in Palm Springs was made possible by taking a chance and luckily finding generosity on the other side of a No Trespassing sign. You never know ’til you barge.”

Check out the video: