Here is the Palm Springs Mayor Bragging About Cutting His Own Salary in 2010

The FBI raided Palm Springs City Hall and have been at the residence of Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet today. Speculation is that they are investigating Pougnet accepting over $200,000 in “consulting fees” from a developer.

Pougnet has argued that there was nothing wrong with the arrangement and that he was forced to have to “work for a living” due to the part time position of Mayor.

Perhaps none of this would have ever happened had Pougnet not cut his own salary – something he bragged about in this 2010 commercial when he was running for Congress against Mary Bono Mack:

And here is another where he brags about his pay cut while children chant campaign slogans:

Finally, here is one where Pougnet’s team attacks Mary Bono Mack for taking over $100,000 in campaign donations form Wall Street – or about half of what the Mayor was paid for his “consulting work” with Union Abbey 3 years later.