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Here are Some Cool (and Random) Stats for Las Vegas

Here are Some Cool (and Random) Stats for Las Vegas
Las Vegas


Las Vegas is truly a town unlike any other.

The Las Vegas Sun compiled some statistics for the 24/7/365 destination. Some are slightly surprising (Carrot Top is basically keeping Crown Royal in business) and some are just insane (it would take you almost 300 years to stay a night in every Vegas hotel room).

Check out some highlights:

  • Hotel rooms in the valley in 2014: 150,544
  • Years it would take a person to spend one night in every hotel room on the Strip: 288
  • Average gambling budget per Las Vegas visitor: $530
  • Pillows fluffed at MGM Grand in 2014: 7,982,550
  • Exotic dancers working in the valley on an average day: 2,500
  • White Fruit of the Loom tank tops the 20-member cast of “Chippendales” tears through each year: 12,243
  • Amount of Crown Royal that Carrot Top gives audience members each year. The comedian loves to share shots with fans during his show: 110 gallons
  • Toilet paper rolls used by the Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo in 2014. The show’s grand finale includes cascades of toilet tissue: 267,436
  • Cost of the most expensive hamburger in Las Vegas, the Fleurburger 5000 at Fleur in Mandalay Bay. It is made with wagyu beef, foie gras and truffles, and served with a bottle of 1995 Château Petrus 5000. Twenty six were sold last year: $5,000
  • Cost of a package at Drai’s nightclub that includes the use of a private 737 jet that seats 50, a 210-second fireworks show and 100 bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne: $737,000
  • Stairs in the Stratosphere: 1,455

The entire list of stats from The Las Vegas Sun is really interesting and includes a lot more info. Check it out here.