Here are even more names being considered for the Palm Springs hockey team, including Dragons

After learning that the owners of the Palm Springs minor league hockey team has been considering ho-hum names like Firebirds, Eagles, and Hawks, there now comes news that there are yet even more names in the running – including Falcons and even some non-bird names.

DetroitHockey.Net, which has been all about coverage of the naming of the team, reports that trademark applications have been filed by Oak View Group, who will own the Palm Springs minor league team and the new NHL franchise in Seattle, for Palm Springs Falcons, Palm Springs Sun, and Palm Springs Dragons.

The website notes that the domain was registered but there does not appear to be a domain related to Sun or Dragons at this point.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, because at this rate, the owners probably have about 50 more trademarks to go and let’s hope the Fightin’ Snowbirds is one of them.

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