It’s a crappy world we live in and there is always going to be someone who tries to take what’s not theirs like money, cars, and Yasiel Puig’s Rolexes.  Now, these are just a few of the things thieves target because, one would presume, it would be easy to resell it, launder it, chop shop it, or whatever it is thieves do with their stolen goods. And while this is crappy, it does make sense. What doesn’t make any sense is that someone just stole $4.5 million worth of eyeshadow. Eyeshadow!! Dafuq?

As ABC 7 reports, the heist went down in late January in Chatsworth. Burglars cut into the roof of a warehouse and then made off with 100,000 palettes of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow.

Was this the plan all along? Does someone out there just really love eyeshadow?  Or did the thieves break into the wrong warehouse like in a screwball heist comedy? “Dangit, Carl. The diamonds are next door!”  

And now what the hell are they going to do with all that eyeshadow?

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, the $42 eyeshadow palette can be used to “create endless looks for daytime and evening.”

So I guess the thieves now have that going for them.