Has Donald Trump pissed off enough Canadians to hurt the Palm Springs economy?

Over the last few weeks, when he wasn’t getting chummy with a murderous North Korean dictator, President Donald Trump was doing his best to piss off Canadians with tweets knocking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and announcing his desire to implement tariffs. Is this all just something that will pass or has Trump angered enough of our northern neighbors to lead them to boycott the United States and end up hurting the local economy of Palm Springs – a winter haven for Canadians.

Via Newsweek (emphasis by me):

Trump blamed Trudeau for his decision not to sign a joint communiqué with other members of the G-7 during the close of their meeting last week. Canada’s leader had announced his intention to impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports because Trump establshed tariffs of 25 and 10 percent on aluminum and steel from Canada and other countries. The announcement angered Trump and led to the breakdown of his participation in the G-7 summit in Quebec.

Trump called Trudeau “dishonest and weak,” and White House aide Peter Navarro said there was a “special place in hell” for leaders like Trudeau who engage in “bad faith diplomacy” with Trump.

Now, Canadians have responded by boycotting U.S. products and canceling their planned trips to the U.S. Kentucky Bourbon, California wine, and Florida oranges are all among the products some Canadians now say they won’t purchase. Meanwhile, Canadian Twitter has been flooded with hashtags urging shoppers to #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts and #BoycottUSA. One man even tweeted a photo of his “Trump free” grocery cart filled with Canadian products. U.S. companies like Walmart and McDonalds are also included in the list of companies to be shunned.

Seriously though, Canadians, known for how obnoxiously nice they are, are seriously pissed.

And while the first cold Vancouver morning in November might have a snow bird quickly changing their mind about heading south for the winter, it’s also possible that plenty of Canadians simply choose to head elsewhere next season.

(h/t Doug)