A handy guide to posting your dashboard thermometer photos

(Instagram / larakaruna)

It’s hot once again in the Coachella Valley and that means it is time to close all the shades, curl into the fetal position, and hope that your tears can somehow cool you down…but only after you post a pic of your dash thermometer (which is a liar, btw) to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But at what temperature should you start posting?

Some thoughts…

100 degrees

Sure it’s hot and all, but a true desert rat would not be rattled in the least by the century mark.

105 degrees

Yeah, it’s clearly hotter than everywhere else in the country (not named Death Valley or Phoenix) – but still, in August there will be days where you find yourself saying, “Phew, it’s only going to be 105 degrees today.” – so you might want to hold back from posting.

110 degrees

Now we are talking. 110 degrees is pretty freakin’ hot and, by posting evidence of your car’s thermometer documenting this, your friends who live in places where it is not this hot will know that you are probably all gross and sweaty. You should definitely post this.

115 degrees

Mostly the same as above, but with another five whole degrees! Oh, your Facebook friends are really gonna be impressed with this and probably surprised that you are even alive.

120+ degrees

Put the phone down and into a fridge or something before it melts.