Half of all drivers admit they litter


Sadly, America’s roadways are littered with not only old, weird, and obnoxious billboards – but also way too much trash. And while we know who put the billboards there (“legal immigrants”), we do not know who is responsible for all that garbage along the side of the road.  Well surprise!  As it would turn out, you do know who they are.  Surprise!  It is half of everyone you know.    

Caltrans is out with the results of a survey in which half of all drivers admitted to littering along the highway.  Even worse,  1 in 5 drivers admitted they are leaving their old sofas by the side of the road.

“More surprisingly, nearly one in five California motorists report intentionally dumping something on the side of the freeway,” Gary Chazen with Caltrans told Capital Public Radio. “And these are not just cigarette butts or not just a coke can, which is bad enough in itself. But we’re talking about furniture, old tires, refrigerators, mattresses…”

So basically, people are treating the roads the same as they do their Coachella Fest campsite.

Caltrans has started the Protect Every Drop campaign to promote awareness for how littering leads to debris and chemicals in open bodies of water – which sounds like a pretty bad thing.

So yeah, maybe this would be a good time to buy one of these.