Hair of the Dog is moving to a new spot in Palm Springs


If you were looking to grab a cheap drink at the Hair of the Dog pub in Palm Springs, perhaps after scarfing down a delicious sammy next door at the Sandwich Spot?, you’re out of luck, at least for a while, as the bar has closed down with plans to move elsewhere in Palm Springs later this year, according to the Desert Sun.

Hair of the Dog English Pub, which has long welcomed locals and tourists looking for a cold one, closed its doors downtown for the last time Sunday. The popular watering hole will reopen about a mile south, in the 600 block of Palm Canyon Drive later this year.

John Park, who owns NYPD, a bar and pizza shop, purchased Hair of the Dog’s building earlier this year to use the space for an Irish pub. Park did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

There was no word on what kind of Irish pub will open in the spot or what date they are shooting for. There was also no word on when, exactly, you can expect the reopening of Hair of the Dog at its new location or if anyone from the Walking Dead will stumble in there.

It will be weird having Hair of the Dog elsewhere as the bar has seemingly been at that spot for a thousand years, but everything is changing these days in downtown Palm Springs – which is starting to add more pricey chain restaurants and stores, weird ugly babies, and is really beginning to feel a lot more like El Paseo nowadays, which may orĀ may not be a good thing.