These guys made it from Palm Springs to Las Vegas on a one-wheeled power skateboard


Whether you take the freeway or the terrible back way to Sin City, a trip from Palm Springs to Las Vegas is always long and boring – but, hey, before you know it, you’re in Vegas losing all your money while sippin’ one of those tall, long frosty drinks.   Plus, the way home won’t be as bad because you just plan on sleeping off your hangover while your significant other takes the wheel.

Recently, a company decided the long route between two desert cities would be the perfect place to show off their new, cool looking, powered, one-wheeled skateboard thing. The video makes it look fun, but with travel distance of only 12-18 miles per charge, it took them a very long time.

Onewheel recently posited the highlights of their journey, which was to promote the launch of the Onewheel+ XR product. A crew of 4 riders took off from Palm Springs on Saturday, January 6th and made it to Las Vegas on January 9th.

In case you are curious, a Onewheel+ XR will set you back $1800 – but, it appears it’s waterproof.

You can check it out here.